Warwell Wagon

OR76WW001  - Warwell A Ministry of War Transport MS1

OR76WW006  Warwell No36 with Sherman Tank


Introduced in 1942 for the transport of Sherman tanks, the 50T bogie Warwell wagon continued to see service after the end of the Second World War.
British Railways obtained many of the wagons as they were most suited for the transportation of loads unsuitable for existing rolling stock. The Warwells continued to be developed and improved upon for military use and can still be seen operating on today's tracks. 

In BR use the Warwells were modified so that they could carry girders and similar loads. The new Oxford Rail Warwell wagons will include variants of both military and civil types and where appropriate will feature different bogies to match the modelled prototypes  


OR76WW003  Warwell A Steel carrier DM748305 Diamond Bogies

Available Models:
OR76WW001B  Warwell A Ministry of War Transport WW50
OR76WW002 Warwell A Diamond Bogies BR Brown DM360331
OR76WW002W Warwell A Diamond Bogies BR Weathered DM360332
OR76WW003 Warwell A Steel carrier DM748305 Diamond Bogies
OR76WW004 MOD KWA Warwell triple pack 95535/95578/95540
OR76WW006 Warwell No36 with Sherman Tank
OR76WW009 Warwell with Steam Road Engine DM721211
OR76WW010 Southern Railway Warwell - revised bed MS14176
OR76WW011 Modern Airbraked Warwell




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