Sometimes things are just within you.


His past is hidden from me now.
But be quite clear I make this vow.
To find the truth of why he went.
Those buried thoughts that he has sent.


The steam, the dust, which filled his eyes.
The coal, the sweat, that made him cry.
The heat, the smoke, which made him die.
Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why...


Who is this man that I can't see.
Who is this man who lives in me?
His life was short and didn't last.
An engine driver from the past.


How did he look - was he strong.
Did he die, or am I wrong?
The truth is there for me to find.
And so this story will unwind.


His orphan son, who fathered me.
The orphan son I didn't see.
The past unknown for far too long
So now I'll try to right that wrong


I bare my soul to all of you.
For all these things that I will do.
To bring to you these things in me.
From both these men I'll never see.