OR76N7001/XS      GER K85 (N7) 0-6-2 No 1002 

OR76N7002/XS    LNER N7 0-6-2 No 8011

Release Notes
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About the Class references we have used:

K85 and L77 were different builds of the same class. Our first loco is from the K85 batch. Then the LNER built more as the  K89 class (using the former GER reference as orders were placed prior to 1923). They later rebranded the entire class N7.  This seems to be their most commonly referred to Class reference, and is the one we headline the loco as being.

There were 9 separate batches built of the class overall from 1915 to late 1920’s.

We will produce the following sub classes from the first tooling suite:






Other sub classes can be added later once the first range is launched.


There are variations within each class sub group and changes during their existence. Again we can pick up the majority of those including different boilers.



Product Code  Product Description
OR76N7001 GER K85 (N7) No 1002
OR76N7001XS GER K85 (N7) No 1002 DCC Sound
OR76N7002 LNER N7 No 8011
OR76N7002XS LNER N7 No 8011 DCC Sound
OR76N7003 BR (EARLY BR) N7 No 69621
OR76N7003XS  BR (EARLY BR) N7 No 69621 DCC Sound


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