7 plank Coke wagon with extension rails


The transport of lighter minerals such as coke did not make best use of the available mineral wagons.

Hence a series of temporary Coke Rails were developed for these wagons.

Product Code  Product Description
OR76CK7001 Coke wagon 7 plank Dinnington 254 with 2 coke rails
OR76CK7002 Coke wagon 7 plank Coalite 552 with 2 coke rails
OR76CK7003 Coke wagon 7 plank The Executors of John Hargeaves Limited with 2 coke rails
OR76CK7004 Coke Wagon 7 plank Renishaw Iron Co. Limited with 2 coke rails
OR76CK7005 Coke Wagon 7 plank Baldwin 2032 with 3 coke rails
OR76CK7006 Coke Wagon 7 plank Baldwin 3022 with 3 coke rails




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