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5th April 2017:
Our art studio are always busy creating Livery samples of forthcoming models. Here are a few we've received recently for review and eventual approval. 
OR76CK7002 - Coalite Coke Wagon
OR76CK7002 - Coalite Coke Wagon
OR76MW7004B Weymouth District Co-Op
OR76MW7004B Weymouth District Co-Op
OR76MW7028 Chatterley 7 Plank
OR76MW7028 Chatterley 7 Plank
OR76MW6002C 6 plank BR Mineral
OR76MW6002C 6 plank BR Mineral


30th Jan 2017

We will be adding a number of new tooling’s to our product range in 2017. This includes:



•             The N7 LNER steam locomotive. An 0-6-2T loco originally designed by the Great Eastern Railway as their K85 class. Operating out of London on Commuter trains and further afield. The last of the class was withdrawn in 1962. A DCC Sound variant will be offered.



•             Our Dean Goods locomotive gains a traditional GWR snowplough attachment – allowing a very interesting variant to be modelled.



•             Our Mk3a coach range expands with the addition of the Scotrail Composite coach. Hence we will offer Scotrail as well as Virgin and Stobart Rail liveries this year.




 On the wagon front, we offer five new or enhanced models:



 •             The Warwell – a Tank transporter built in significant numbers from 1942. Initially used for the Transport of Sherman tanks from dock to destination, the wagons continued to prove useful until recent times. We will offer the original build plus variants operated by the Big four railway companies, BR and MOD, together with British Steel carriers.



•             The Class A and Class B 35glw ton tank wagon. Made popular in kit form many years ago in Black livery with ESSO branding. The prototype was built in large numbers as a result of the 1955 modernisation plan.



•             We extend our Mineral wagon range with a 7 plank Coke wagon – including the attractive Coalite livery.



 •             Meanwhile our 7 plank coal wagon will be offered with new 3 hole disk wheels and alternative end stanchions.




 •             Lastly we extend our GWR Toad brake van range with the addition of the AA3 4 wheel variant.



 Being part of the UK’s biggest Diecast brand means we can benefit from crossovers and synergies. Hence we will also offer the following new static items in 2017:



•             Our Warwell will come with the option of prototypical loads – starting with a newly tooled Sherman Tank, and a Steam Roller.




•             The Land Rover is a rugged all-terrain vehicle – even on the rails. We will be offering a new Road-Rail variant which comes complete with access ramp for driving on and off the track.



Plus we will offer new liveries on our existing tooling – more Mk3a coaches to extend the BR train services, further mineral wagons including weathered versions, and through popular demand, a further BR livery on our 6 plank GWR Toad brake van.




You can view the new item listing here, and see the products on our main website via this link.






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